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Most Popular Ultra HD TVs

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Children Entertainment | Comments Off on Most Popular Ultra HD TVs

The constant craze for large screen TVs with smart features is one of the reasons the most popular ultra HD TVs are greatly sort after. Ultra HDTVs provide four to eight times the resolution that most other HDTVs have. They all have varied price tags but often, their cost matches the impressive images they display. People no longer have to be too close to a television set in order to enjoy good picture quality while watching a movie or while playing videogames. Having a bigger screen in turn means that the picture quality will only improve if the television has more lines of horizontal pixels.

Ultra HD 4K TV for computing and gaming

Ultra HD 4K TV has grown in popularity because of computing and gaming. High resolution games feel more enjoyable when people have large screens that can display the fine details of the games they play. In computing, it is possible to look at a full document in detail without the need to scroll much. It makes it a little more enjoyable to use spreadsheets or to look at digital photos. Ultra HD TVs can be connected to computers to ensure that the PC’s full graphics capabilities, magnification and any text-sensitive tasks can be enjoyed more.

The smart capabilities available with current Ultra HDTVs such as surround sound, Wi-Fi and internet connectivity adds on to the entertainment experience. Some companies that manufacture some of the most popular HD TVs include LG and Sharp.


The LG 65 Inch 2160P 3D Smart 4K Ultra HDTV

The LG 65 Inch 2160P 3D Smart 4K Ultra HDTV gives an impressive resolution quality for its size. The smart TV allows people to watch their films and TV shows with an inbuilt Tru-4K engine which up-scales the picture quality for normal TV to show in 4K HD without the viewer picking out any differences. It can make lower resolution films look like native 4K HD. The television can allow users to enjoy shows with 3D glasses, although the glasses ship separately. The LG Smart TV technology delivers a punch where viewers can now use their TV set to access online video sites such as Hulu and Netflix.

The Sharp THX 4K Ultra HDTV (2014 Model)

This 2014 model from Sharp allows very exceptional image quality, especially for streaming videos from services such as Netflix. The TV set has built in advanced codecs to allow 4K streaming, which is a feature that is missing from HDTVs of earlier generations. Gamers and computing fanatics have a lot to sample because the sets contain four HDMI ports that can each receive 3840 x 2160 signals at up to 60fps. The Sharp THX 4K Ultra HDTV has three USB ports and a Smart Central 3 capability which allows the users to get current recommendations on movie shows and related content.

The Sharp AQUOS 4K Ultra HDTV

Sharp got plaudits with this TV set because it has the high capability of taking average picture quality and displaying it in more sharper and vivid HDTV content. The AquoDimming technology and the SPECTROS rich color display allows the TV set to enhance quality and detail in a sleek and slim design, worthy of any living room.

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Various Science Projects that are Both – Interesting and Education for Kids

Posted by on Aug 8, 2015 in Education for Kids, Projects & Ideas for Kids, Science Project | Comments Off on Various Science Projects that are Both – Interesting and Education for Kids

A science project or experiment is as important as a class- held lecture. Doing experiments make your kids understand more of what they studied in a theory class. Projects make things practical and gives meaning to a lot of theories. It is for this reason that you should involve your child in science projects as learning becomes fun. The following are some of the science experiments that are both interesting and educational for your kid.

Make an egg float in salt water

In a glass of ordinary drinking water, the egg sinks to the bottom. However, this changes once you add salt into the water. This will be very interesting to your kids and will teach them a lot of fun facts regarding density. 

What you need

  • Salt
  • One egg
  • Water
  • A tall drinking glass


Put water in the tall glass until it is half full. Then, use another container to stir a lot salt. With a lot of care, pour the salty water into the tall glass containing the tap water that is half full. You should not mix the plain water with the salt water. Carefully lower the egg into the glass which is now nearly full and watch the results.

Observations and conclusions

Ordinary water is lighter than salt water and therefore, the two liquids do not mix as the salt water sinks due to its density. Denser liquids allow objects to float on them and it is for this reason, that, when you lower the egg, it drops through the plain water, but when it reaches where the salt water is, it floats. This causes the egg to float amazingly at the middle part of the glass.

Mixing water and oil

Sometimes kids think they are cunning when you send them to buy oil and they decide they can use some of the money to buy sweets, then later fill the bottle with water and hope that you will not notice. To avoid this, teach them about liquids that mix and those that do not. 

What you need

  • Water
  • Oil
  • An empty, but clear bottle
  • Food coloring


Add some food coloring drops to the water. Pour the colored water together with oil in the empty bottle. Close the bottle and shake the bottle vigorously. Leave the bottle to settle the liquids.


The two liquids separate and the oil float on water.


Water molecules are attracted to each other strongly and same case applies to oil molecules. For this reason, the two different molecules cannot mix. Due to a low density, the oil floats on top of the water. It is for this reason that you cannot use water to extinguish a fire that has been caused by oil like paraffin and petrol as the water sinks and leaves the oil burning at the top.

Static electricity experiment

The fun experiment about static electricity shows how opposite charged particles attract.

What you need

  • Your hair
  • Woolen fabric
  • A string attaching two inflated balloons
  • Aluminum can


  1. Take each balloon and rub it against the woolen fabric. Then, move the balloons towards each other. What do you see?
  2. Use your hair to rub the balloon, then, pull the balloon away. To observe the results, use a mirror or a friend who will tell you what they see.
  • Place the aluminum can on the table by its side. Then bring the balloon close to the can after rubbing the balloon on your hair. What happens?

Observations and conclusions

  1. In the first experiment, the balloons became negatively charged once they were rubbed against a woolen fabric. This made the balloons to repel when you brought them together as they were both charged negatively.
  2. By rubbing the balloons against your hair or the woolen fabric, you create static electricity because the negatively charged particles jump to the positively charged objects. This is the reason why, your hair is left standing when you pull away the balloon.
  • About the aluminum can, it rolls towards the negatively charged balloon because its surrounding area is positively charged.

Other interesting science projects that kids would enjoy include;

  • Determining if an egg is raw or boiled
  • Making glowing water
  • Breeding bacteria
  • Light absorbing and light reflecting colors
  • Seed germination
  • Measuring the volume of your lungs
  • Gravity free water

There are numerous projects that can turn science to be an interesting subject for your kids. Practical science becomes much easier to handle than when everything becomes a theory. It has been studied that, kids remember much of what they saw, than what they heard. Therefore, teach your kids in a more effective way using science experiments and projects.

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